Li Daiguo is one of the leading figures in China’s experimental and new music communities. Performing primarily on pipa and cello,  he has worked as composer and performer extensively throughout China over the last ten years.

Born in 1981 in Oklahoma, USA,  to Chinese/Taiwanese parents, Li Daiguo received training in music from the age of 5, beginning with western classical music on violin and expanded to bluegrass, Chinese classical music (erhu, pipa) and double bass by the time he entered University. Li studied Literature and music at San Diego State University, focusing primarily on literary theory, world music ( Finnish folk music, Chinese classical, Carnatic music), and contemporary classical composition and improvisation.

After graduating in 2003 and relocating to mainland China in 2004, Li began to develop his compositional style and blend of extended techniques for bowed and plucked instruments, influenced largely by his studies of different traditions of music. In 2008 he also began to study the Shona mbira and has traveled to Zimbabwe to deepen his understanding of polyrhythms.

In recent years he has taken part in performances at such venues and events as Musicultura (Italy, 2016), Festival in Fes (Morocco, 2015), World Sacred Spirit (India, 2016), Cite De La Musique (Paris, 2014), Sonic Protest music festival (France, 2013), Culturescapes Arts Festival (Switzerland, 2010), Norway Flykescommune Educational music tour (Norway, 2012), Sally Can't Dance Avantegarde Music Festival (Beijing 2009, 2011) , as well as regular performances in China, Japan, Korea, and Europe.

As a composer , Li Daiguo has been commissioned by Guangzhou Modern Dance company, Guangzhou Ballet company, Nobu Khan Malaysian Butoh Dance festival, video artists Fang Lu, Tao Hui, Serge Onnen and released albums of original compositions on record labels in China, Japan, and Israel. He has played alongside Sainkho Namtchylak, Peter Scherr, FM3, Eyal Maoz,  Kink Gong, Satoko Fujii, Sato Yuki, and Dickson Dee, and has ongoing projects with Rick Parker, Slim Rothaus, Wu Na, Yan Jun, Xiao He, Huanqing, and Liang Yiyuan. 

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Li Daiguo and Huanqing | Zhi Hua Feng Ying | Starsing Music  (2017) 

Li Daiguo and Rick Parker | Free World Music | Very Special/eleven2eleven Records (2016) 

Li Daiguo and Huanqing | Live | Men門 Records (2015) 

Li Daiguo | Music for Advertisements | Genjing Records (2013) 

The Tea Rockers Quintet | Ceremony | Ent-T (2012)

Li Daiguo and Liang Yiyuan | A Good Omen for The Chicken Temple | Dao Ma Dan Records (2011)

Li Daiguo | Solo Improvisations, Live at Cafe Amenbo | VLZ Records 2008

Li Daiguo and Li Jianhong | Improvisation Plan No. 1  | 2pi Records 2008


大提琴演奏结束后,李带菓 带上指甲,抱好琵琶,半遮着面,琵琶后是遛遛的眼神,

美籍华人、 5岁开始学钢琴和小提琴。少年时期开始迷恋音乐, 开始学二胡,琵琶,和 大提琴,在加州州立大学读书(专业是20世纪诗歌和小提琴演奏)
,在大学里学习了芬兰民乐、中国古典音乐、西方古典音乐、爵士乐、即兴音乐、新古典、印度尼西亚佳美兰、 印度卡纳提克音乐。 研究二十世纪的文学和哲学,宗教,道教,佛教,印度教,观摩了很多关于东方主义,心理学和政治学的资料。同时在洛杉矶继续学二胡,琵琶,和关于中国音乐的美感、历史、乐器等。從2004年開始在大陸生活。 

近年合作的人:左小祖咒,李勁松,颜峻,小河, 巫娜,李剑虹 ,梁奕源,廣州現代舞團,Peter Scherr, Sainkho Namchylak, 等.

擅长的乐器:小提琴, 大提琴,二胡, 琵琶 ,MBIRA 

李帶菓和歡慶 | 指花風影 | 星外星 (2017) 
李帶菓和Rick Parker | Free World Music | EleventoEleven (2016) 
李帶菓和歡慶 | 門現場 | 門唱片 (2015) 
李帶菓 | 廣告音樂 | 根莖唱片 (2013) 
茶博士五重奏 | 紅水烏龍 | Ent-T 唱片(以色列)(2012)
李帶菓和梁奕源 |雞神廟的上上簽| 刀马旦音乐厂牌 (2011)
李帶菓 | Solo Improvisations, Live at Cafe Amenbo | VLZ Records (日本) 2008